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PO Box 180, Munnsville, NY 13409
(315) 761-8201 -- Email

Specializing in:
Hot Air Balloon Flights Above Scenic Central New York!
Morning or Evening - 7 Days - Weather Permitting
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Any Occasion!

Additional Services Include:
Tethered Rides - Balloon Walks - Aerial Advertising

Our Location: photo by Teri Lee

Our address is: 6287 Haslauer Road, PO Box 180, Munnsville, NY 13409.
We are located just 11.5 miles South of Turning Stone Resort and Casino in the beautiful Stockbridge Valley in Madison County! Madison County was recently ranked 4th in the Northeast as one of the best places to live in rural America and 38th overall in the Country according to a study conducted by On Board LLC!

The Experience:

Little compares to the thrill of a balloon flight! It's everything you might have dreamed of as a child, floating effortlessly over the tree tops, skimming just above the corn tassles, or rising up to catch a glimpse of far away horizons! Whether you are 8 or 80, even one month shy of 100 as one of our passengers was, you are almost never too young or too old to enjoy a balloon flight! Call us or email us! Schedule your adventure of a lifetime!

Your Pilot
Dwight Cramer is an FAA certified commercial balloon pilot with over 30 years of experience and 2100 hours as pilot in command. Dwight adheres to strict safety standards, insuring that your flight will be a safe, fun adventure.

When he is not flying from his own launch sites, Dwight can be found flying at the following balloon festivals:
1. Red, White & Blue Balloon Festival at Letchworth State Park
2. Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival in Dutchess County, NY
3. Great Wellsville Balloon Rally in Wellsville, NY
RATES: For flights lasting 45-60+ minutes:

  • Ultimate Sunrise and Evening Flight: $350 per person.
    +Dawn Patrol option +$75 per person - launch 20 minutes before sunrise.
    We can carry up to five passengers per flight.

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Airborne Adventures Ballooning, Inc.
6287 Haslauer Road, PO Box 180, Munnsville, NY 13409
315-761-8201 --Email

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