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Welcome Aboard our Balloon, "Paradise Island"

The Finest in High Adventure!

In ballooning, it is "the crew" who do most of the heavy physical labor of setting the balloon up, and packing it away again. The crew of Airborne Adventures is highly experienced, and dedicated to providing a safe, fun flight. They are all members of the Balloon Federation of America, and attend annual safety seminars with their pilot, attending classes tailored to the crew. Rest assured, you are in good hands with the Airborne Adventures Crew!

Meet Some of our Outstanding Crew

New York hot air balloon flights
Dan, John, Joe, Karen, Evan, and Jenn

New York hot air balloon flights
We remember "Fuzzy" Cramer (Dwight's Dad) for his gentle way, his big smile and the countless ways his presence was always special.

Come out and enjoy one of life's greatest adventures with the folks at Airborne Adventures! Dwight loves sharing the experience with his passengers, and will always remember his first balloon ride, the one that changed his life forever!
Come out to Munnsville, or have them come out to you. Meet the people, and discover an adventure you'll remember for a lifetime!

Airborne Adventures Ballooning, Inc.
6287 Haslauer Road, PO Box 180, Munnsville, NY 13409
315-761-8201 --Email

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