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Welcome Aboard our Balloon, "Paradise Island"

The Finest in High Adventure!

The Experience

hot air balloon flights

Photo by Dwight Cramer

Big Smiles say it all!!

Note the leaf picking souveniers in their hands!

Flying in a balloon is an adventure like no other. Float just inches above the water, pick leaves from the treetops, see deer and other wildlife below, listen to a rooster's crow from high above the ground! Grand views await us above. See the foothills of the Adirondacks and the Catskills, the distant cities of Utica and Syracuse, numerous lakes and ponds, woodlands and farms as far as the eye can see. Bring your camera, lots of film and binoculars. Climb aboard, prepare to relax and breathe deep, letting the fresh air and all of nature's magnificant sights fill your soul. You're about to discover ballooning!

hot air balloon flights

Photo by Mel Thurston

Maiden Voyage

Pilot Dwight Cramer and Crew John Nichols take the brand new 90,000 cubic foot balloon envelope out for its maiden voyage in Spring 2002.

hot air balloon flights New York

Photo by Dwight Cramer

Spectacular sunrise flight high above the clouds!

Limitations and Liability

Anyone in reasonably good health and with a spirit for adventure can fly. One of my youngest at heart passengers was 97 years young, and she remarked, "it was glorious!" We ask you to contact us with any concerns you may have about someone's ability to fly. We will be happy to speak with you and offer our best advice. Children in general seem to enjoy the experience from around eight years of age and older, but every child is different. We recommend familiarizing young children with the balloon before taking them on their first flight, either through pictures or by coming out to the launch field to watch us launch. We want their experience to be a positive one!

We can carry up to five passengers at a time, making it possible for you to share the experience with your friends and/or family. Please note that unless you book a flight for five, or a private flight, you may be grouped with other passengers. Incidently, this usually leads to meeting and making new friends!

While most landings are gentle, the possibility always exists that a "lay over" landing may occur. In this case, the basket will come to a stop on it's side after having slid along the ground for a distance. While it can be fun, those who have had recent knee, hip, back or heart surgery, or are pregnant, should refrain from flying until they are fully recovered. Persons who appear intoxicated will not be allowed aloft.

As in any sport, there is a risk of personal injury. By agreeing to continue with the flight, you are agreeing to accept this risk. If you have any questions about your suitability for flight, please call us before scheduling.

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