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Description & Requirements

Picnics - Parties - Graduation - Festivals - Any Occasion

A balloon walk consists of a hot air balloon (not the same one I fly) that is in anchored at the top end, and at the bottom end, and then inflated with cold air by use of an inflation fan. Rather than standing the balloon with air that is heated by the burner, the balloon is kept inflated with just the cold air. A large heavy mat is placed over the 'skirt' at the bottom end of the balloon, making it easily accessible for children of all ages, including those in wheelchairs. The public can then enter and view the balloon from the inside (without shoes). To make the experience even more fun for children, we typically introduce large inflatable balls for them to play with while they are in the balloon.

Balloon walks are especially popular at community events and private parties involving young school age children. Additionally, balloon walks can be set up in winds that would keep a tethered balloon operation on the ground. Even so, calm or light winds are preferable. No precipitation can be occurring or expected within the time of operation.

Balloon walk operations vary in length of time. Generally, 1-2 hours is most common, but some events may encompass numerous hours.

A 100' diameter space is preferable for operation. A level, well drained, mowed, grassy area is the best surface for a balloon walk. Pavement is not acceptable unless padding can be supplied. Areas of dirt, sand, mud or standing water are just a bad idea.

For best attendance at public events, a "balloonw walk" should be placed within easy walking distance for attendees as opposed to being in the 'back forty'.

For everyone's safety:

  • No smoking is allowed near or in the balloon.
  • Drinks or food are not permitted in the balloon (they usually end up on the balloon).
  • Balloon walk operations will be discontinued any time threatening weather approaches (rain, wind, thunderstorms).

I am always happy to look at a site prior to booking the event to be sure it is suitable for both of us.

Terms & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions


Minimum one (1) hour operation during 'non-flight times' (11:00am to 3:00pm +/-): $375.00
During "flight times" (sunrise to 11:00am and/or 3:00pm to sunset): $550.00
Each additional hour: $150.00
Mileage will be charged at $3.00 per mile each way, plus lodging if necessary.
A $100.00 deposit is required to book an event. The payment will be refunded if the event is canceled by Airborne Adventures or the client prior to travel due to expectation of poor weather conditions. The deposit, previously agreed mileage and lodging becomes non-refundable once travel to the event site has begun.
During first hour of operation: If operations have begun and impending rain and/or wind forces the balloon walk operator to shut down operation during the first hour, the basic rate will be discounted $50.00/quarter hour not in operation, minus the deposit.
During additional hours of operation: If the balloon walk is in operation and impending rain or wind forces the balloon walk operator to shut down operations after the first hour, the client will be billed for the first hour plus $150.00/additional hour to the nearest full hour of operation, minus the deposit.
Checks, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express accepted for payment.
Weather minimums: Calm or light winds, and no precipitation occurring or expected within time of operation.

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