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Meet the Pilot

Airborne Adventures Ballooning, Inc. was formed on March 28, 1989 by then president and pilot, Steve Heaslip of Fayetteville, NY. Steve was launched into the ballooning business much the same way current president and pilot Dwight Cramer was......by taking that first ride. And it just happened that Dwight's first balloon ride was in Steve's balloon, on an early summer's morning in 1992, given as a gift from a friend. Dwight, fascinated with flight since childhood, knew that day, he had discovered a true passion.

Dwight soon began crewing for Steve every chance he had, while running his still growing construction company, Dream Builders. Dwight was eager to learn every aspect of ballooning, and enjoyed the comradery shared with other crew, pilots and their passengers. After several years of crewing, Dwight knew it was time to take the plunge. He had been dreaming long enough. He had no idea how he would find the time or the money, but he was going to be a commercial balloon pilot. He began taking lessons and worked his way from student pilot in 1997, to commercial pilot in August of 1999, buying Steve's share of the business in 1998. And why would Steve sell something as fun as a ballooning business?....he had discovered a new passion of his own....a baby boy! It was the beginning of a new passion for Steve!

During his time as a student and pilot, Dwight discovered some amazing talent and true friends....balloon crew! These are the folks who make it happen for the pilot. They tirelessly set up the balloon, chase the balloon to unknown parts of the world and then pack it all away again! Of course, as Dwight recalls, "the refreshments were always a great part of crewing!".

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